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Why should we take classes?

Taking childbirth, breastfeeding and baby basics classes is an important part of preparing to welcome your little one, especially for first time parents. These classes are a great opportunity for you to connect with each other, connect with other couples, learn what your options and rights are, and learn practical techniques that can be beneficial during pregnancy, labor, birth and new parenthood.

birthing by heart class series

The Birthing by Heart classes are an opportunity for you and your partner to spend a few distraction free hours each week focusing on each other and your baby. You'll be participating in connection exercises to strengthen your bond as a couple, while learning about the labor and birth process.

In this class series, we cover the physiology of childbirth, provide the truth about common birthing myths and mistruths you may have heard, discuss common fears about birth and ways to overcome them. In taking these classes, you'll gain confidence as you learn about the birthing process, your options for birthing, hands-on comfort measures and how to build a supportive birthing team that works for you.

Dads will learn first hand from another dad what their role is and how they can best support you. Together you will build a toolbox of techniques that you can use when the big day comes.

This series covers:

• The anatomy and physiology of birth

• Birth hormones

• The importance of your birth environment

• Stages of labor

• Common fears and fear recognition

• The power of positivity

• Natural comfort measures

• Birth plans

• How to know when to go to the hospital

• What to pack

• What to do if your water breaks

• What to know if you're GBS+

• Pain medication options

• Epidurals

• Inductions

• C-sections

• What to expect in the immediate postpartum

• Postpartum plan

• How to set yourself up for new parent success

Group classes offered in person at: 

Birthing by Heart in Poway, CA

*Dinner, snacks, water, and teas provided

Image by Kaylee Garrett

bringing baby home class

This class is the perfect opportunity for you and your partner to come together to learn the breastfeeding and baby basics ahead of time. Learning the little things like how often your baby will need to be fed, how many diapers you should expect to change each day, and how to calm your baby when they cry before they are born will help you and your partner transition into parenthood with confidence!

You will be participating in hands on activities including different breastfeeding positions, how to maneuver your breast and your baby for proper latching, different positions to hold your baby, diapering, burping, swaddling and other soothing techniques. No need to bring any supplies, we provide everything!

This one time 3 hour class covers:

• What your newborn will look like

• Umbilical care

• Bathing

• Diapering

• Fevers

• Swaddling and other soothing techniques

• Hunger cues

• How to latch your newborn

• Why a proper latch is so crucial

• How to ease engorgement

• What to do if you get a plugged duct or mastitis

• Pumping, bottles and pacifiers

• What 24 hours with a newborn can look  like

Group classes offered in person at:

Birthing by Heart in Poway, CA

*Dinner, snacks, water, and teas provided

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