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What is placenta encapsulation?


Placenta encapsulation...

is the act of preparing your placenta for consumption. The first step involves removing the umbilical cord and amniotic sac then cleaning the placenta thoroughly. It is then cut up and dehydrated. Once fully dehydrated, it is turned into powder and placed it into vegetarian consumable capsules.

If a tincture is desired this is done by placing a small piece of raw placenta into a vial and then adding 100 proof vodka. The tincture will need to sit for 6 weeks before use.

Your placenta is the life giving organ that sustained and grew your baby. It is full of essential hormones, vitamins, and minerals. The purpose of ingesting your placenta is to reintroduce those beneficial hormones and other nutrients to your body following labor and birth. It is a sacred medicine that your body created and it has long been revered for its power, spirit and rich nutrients in cultures worldwide. It is with great honor and joy that I offer this service to support your physical, emotional and spiritual well being after birth.


Placenta Print and
Cord Keepsake

A placenta print is made by pressing watercolor paper onto the placenta. It's that easy! The cord keepsakes vary depending on the length of the cord. The cord is separated from the placenta and thoroughly clean before it is shaped and placed in the dehydrator.

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